Regal International is the only hiring partner in India for CELEBRATION CRUISE OPERATOR, Florida - USA, FLEETPRO PSM, Florida - USA, SEAHAWK GROUP NA, Florida - USA, MANO MARITIME, Haifa - ISRAEL.

The impact of technology advancement in the 21st century is felt in all sectors; the cruise industry is not averse to it. Regal International has modeled its working values keeping in mind the changing requirements of the cruise industry. It has established itself as one of the main source in the recruitment of seafarers for the cruise industry worldwide.

SATIAVAN NAIQUE – CEO of Regal International , owns this established Crew Manning Agency, having immense experience of manning / recruiting manpower for overseas clients from India which provides crewing services, manning services and crew to International cruises. It has been duly established and registered with the Ministry of External Affairs New Delhi, India, in the year 2003, and has been successfully engaged in crewing business.